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Why You Believe in Horoscopes: Understanding User Experience Bias

Bias, a word that makes every researcher cringe, is actually the brain’s solution to navigating the endless influx of stimuli in our environment. When faced with constantly making decisions, our brain uses biases as a shortcut to guide us through our lives more seamlessly. In part one of this series, we’re outlining three major biases and offering solutions around how user experience researchers can avoid them.

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GDPR — Look at Your New Experience Through User’s Eyes

Although GDPR has been a long time coming, business priorities or lack of clarity around how your specific business is impacted may have caused you to feel like you implemented GDPR changes in a rush, focusing on compliance rather than your audience’s experience. Now that your changes are done and you can breathe a sigh of relief, it’s probably a good time to think about how your changes impacted the user experience.

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The Transformation of Healthcare: What We Learned at This Year’s Prime Health Innovation Summit

Members of our healthcare team recently attended the 2018 Prime Health Innovation Summit. Bringing together influential thought leaders from across Colorado, this engaging event challenged attendees to think about how innovation and healthcare can come together from multiple vantage points.

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Designing for the Emotions of Healthcare

Human emotions are incredibly complex and interactions regarding our health are weighted heavily with emotion. See one of our Lead Experience Designers, Lauren Krabbe, presenting on how the application of journey maps, user research, and data driven design help prioritize solutions that cater to the emotional experience of the patient.

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How Do You Measure Successful Design?

Data is critical to the design process. It provides strategic insight into customer behaviors, design direction, and key business opportunities. Kristin Youngling, Senior Director of Data Strategy, hosted a webinar to showcase how to integrate data into your design decision making process.

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CASE STUDY | Amex- Plenti

Growing market share through loyalty rewards

Effective and American Express partnered to design and launch the digital experience of the U.S. Plenti rewards program. Its purpose was to engage new and existing customers, grow brand loyalty, and, ultimately, drive revenue.


Improving acquisition through targeted business solutions

We partnered with American Express to create a responsive web experience that would reposition their offerings, improve online lead generation and acquisition, and reduce customer inquiry rates to improve efficiency.

CASE STUDY | MWI Animal health

Reimagining the buying experience through a human-centered approach

We partnered with MWI Animal Health to increase sales by making improvements to the online buying portal and the internal sales representative tool that would increase efficiencies in the ordering process and improve customer experience and satisfaction.


Communicating a patient-centric mission through human-centered design

We partnered with CityMD to create an online patient experience that reflected the organization’s uniquely personalized brick-and-mortar experience, better informed prospective patients, and reduced unnecessary customer support calls.

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