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The Zen Guide To CX

This message is for you. It’s for you, product owner at a global CPG. It’s for you, senior marketer at a wildly successful direct-to-consumer product. It’s for you, agency partner setting an engagement strategy for your clients’ presences online. This is for everyone that works on or in support of a product that is sold to consumers. This is about finding your way back to your customers.

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How Words Help Solve Digital Problems

Using thorough and deliberate word choices helps the user understand what the experience is about and what actions to take. All the words in an experience — from error messages, CTA buttons, and notifications, to headlines, page titles, and metadata — should be carefully chosen with the user in mind. Try to avoid words that the business uses internally, as well as any complex, unclear, or misleading terminology. Give the user the keys to understand what’s going to happen next, and why.

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Every Brand is Global: Experience Considerations for Worldwide Audiences

Regardless of where you’re reading this, or where your customers are, I have some news for you: Your brand is global. You need to start thinking about how that impacts your customers’ experience. For some, this isn’t news. For others, whose businesses target a specific geographic market, this may come as a surprise. You can thank social media. As many brands have already learned, social cannot be contained within your desired geographical footprint

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CASE STUDY | Amex- Plenti

Growing market share through loyalty rewards

We partnered with American Express to design and launch the digital experience of the U.S. Plenti rewards program. Its purpose was to engage new and existing customers, grow brand loyalty, and, ultimately, drive revenue.


Improving acquisition through targeted business solutions

We partnered with American Express to create a responsive web experience that would reposition their offerings, improve online lead generation and acquisition, and reduce customer inquiry rates to improve efficiency.

CASE STUDY | MWI Animal health

Reimagining the buying experience through a human-centered approach

We partnered with MWI Animal Health to increase sales by making improvements to the online buying portal and the internal sales representative tool that would increase efficiencies in the ordering process and improve customer experience and satisfaction.


Communicating a patient-centric mission through human-centered design

We partnered with CityMD to create an online patient experience that reflected the organization’s uniquely personalized brick-and-mortar experience, better informed prospective patients, and reduced unnecessary customer support calls.

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