Build a Consistent Brand Across Your Digital Experience Touchpoints

As digital ecosystems become more complex and customers interact with an increasing number of digital touchpoints, organizations are challenged to maintain a consistent brand across all digital experiences. Designing a better user experience across a customer’s journey is only part of the solution – building and implementing those solutions are equally essential.

By establishing the Ogilvy Design Standards Toolkit (DST), we’re able to bridge the design of a brand experience to the development and implementation of that brand experience, particularly across large, multi-faceted organizations that have complex digital ecosystems.

When can the Ogilvy DST be a solution?

• A company has several, maybe even hundreds, of digital properties that were designed and built at different times by different business lines
• Two companies are merging and there is a need to unify the entire suite of products
• A company is introducing a new digital experience and is interested in standardizing the process of updates
• Multiple business lines are updating or developing new products but must remain consistent with the brand

What is the Ogilvy Design Standards Toolkit? 

The Ogilvy DST is a digital product that provides a grounded approach for design and development. Teams can collaborate from a shared understanding of the design system to build great digital experiences.

The Ogilvy DST leverages the atomic design system to deliver on-brand assets that developers and IT teams can incorporate into their products, whether those are web applications or native applications. As the design team creates a new experience, Ogilvy’s creative technologists are building the supporting atomic elements to enable a clients’ team to move fast and efficiently while creating visual consistency across web properties.

Can you describe it in terms of cake?

Sure! We love cake. But the Ogilvy DST is not the cake, otherwise considered the final product or application. The Ogilvy DST provides the ingredients needed to make the cake. In some cases, it provides the recipe (or the UX guidelines) too. It provides the design system needed to appropriately develop the presentation layer of the application.

Learn more about Ogilvy Design Standards Toolkit in this overview.