Experience is the New "Product" in Healthcare

Design Deconstructed No. 2: Design & Healthcare

Ogilvy recently hosted the second installment of the Design Deconstructed series featuring the design philosophy and expertise of Roberto Veronese, VP of Product Design at Helix.

Ogilvy’s Design and Interaction Group Leader, Mirco Pasqualini, opened the session with a thought-provoking statement: “Experience is the new ‘product’ in healthcare.”

This statement was evident as Roberto discussed a new generation of truly personalized services based on your DNA. While this concept of personalization may seem concerning or even frightening at first, the applications can be incredibly empowering. For example, organizations could take your data (with your permission of course) and inform you ofpropensities for diseases you may pass along to your children, the best preventative care plan, the most effective nutritional or fitness plan, even what types of wine you are likely to prefer – so fascinating!

One of the most exciting aspects of Roberto’s talk was the message that design is not simply a set of deliverables, but rather a methodology or approach to problem solving. This is how we define design, and how we use design every day to serve our clients.

Roberto’s talk sparked many ideas and questions that were discussed in the Q&A after the session:

  • How could clinical trial recruitment be more efficient and effective if we knew more about how patients would metabolize the medication?
  • What if you had information on your potential medical future (not just history) that allowed you to plan for your financial needs?
  • What if we looked at all healthcare challenges from a human-centered design approach?

Watch the full presentation here.

This is a very exciting and promising time for design in healthcare. We’d love to hear what questions and “what ifs” this talk sparks for you. Let us know at!