3 Keys to Integrating UX Design into Development

UX Designers and developers view the world differently. For a designer, getting a firm grasp on the problem and developing empathy for the end user are key considerations. For developers, understanding how they can best deliver the desired experience is what motivates them. Both disciplines are critical to the success of any digital product design project, but too often there are systems in place that make it difficult for development to deliver on the promise of the design.

Thinking of design and development as separate siloed activities can result in delays and rework if the designer promises the moon only to learn later that the moon is impossible to deliver given the project constraints. Or the issue may be waterfall project management practices where design decisions are “thrown over the wall” at development, and there is little communication and feedback between the two groups.

So how do you overcome these issues and ensure that design and development teams work together throughout the project to not only deliver on the design but also deliver working software? We’ve found three keys to success:

• Implementing Agile project management, tuned to fit our clients’ needs

• Realistically project scoping while managing and measuring project success

• Decoupling front end and back end development using a collaboratively defined API

These practices result in integrated design and development engagements that lead to a deep empathy for and understanding of a client’s business and a superior execution of the client’s digital designs.