Our research is anchored in insight, not intuition.

We are digital anthropologists.

Our research begins by developing a sophisticated understanding of your customers’ needs and motivations one-on-one: by talking to them; by observing their interactions; and by asking relevant, objective questions.

Analyzing the research

Using those findings, we identify pain points, unanswered questions, and unmet needs. This work results in vivid and revealing customer journeys and prioritized recommendations that inform everything else we do.

Understanding the internal business

We believe it’s just as important to invest the same effort and attention in talking to your internal stakeholders, incorporating their experience, insights, and needs. Understanding your business and its unique challenges allows us to create a more nuanced context for the experiences we design, integrating your business and customer goals to create a holistic point of view.

We show you the data.

Research is always better when it’s supported by data. That’s why we’ve found a unique way to incorporate data strategy into our research to ensure that we’re validating our ideas and recommendations so that you can feel confident that you’re making the right decision.

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