Our team

We are effective because of the dedication and passion of our people.

Meet our leadership team

Mike McFadden

EVP, Digital Transformation and Partnerships

Kristen Cromer

Vice President of Experience Design

Dan Saltzman

Vice President of Design

Vinny DiPietro

Vice President of Finance

Kristin Youngling

Senior Director of Data Strategy

Staff highlights

Senior Experience Researcher

Alex Levin

“As a Senior Experience Researcher, I lead and oversee research at the project level. This entails helping define appropriate methodologies and approaches for meeting clients’ end goals and objectives. Additionally, I execute the research and analyze the research data. I partner with our design team to understand how research is going to help inform design from a strategic point of view.”

Senior Engagement Manager

Scotty Saunders

“As a Senior Engagement Manager, I have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the project, and I constantly communicate project progress, opportunities, and potential barriers to the client and internal team. If pivots in a project approach are needed, I am able to see those changes coming around the bend and proactively suggest adjustments or alternative approaches.”

Account Director

Erica Fransen

“As an Account Director at Effective, I serve as a trusted adviser for our clients and lead the exploration of new ideas, discovering solutions to critical problems, illuminating the client’s organizational blind spots, and navigating the road ahead. My focus is on cultivating our client relationships and ensuring that we are providing strategic value as a partner.”

Senior Experience Designer

Jenna Brucoli

“As a Senior Experience Designer, my goal is to create work that balances a client’s business goals with an end user’s needs. I work collaboratively with my clients, acting almost like an extension of their team, to understand their business and their audience on a deeper, more emotional level. And in that environment of collaboration and trust, I facilitate regular working sessions.”

Lead Experience Designer

Shane McAllister

“As a Lead Experience Designer, my role is deeply rooted in understanding who I am designing for — their emotional states, expectations, and needs. I work closely with teams to solve complex design problems; define powerful, versatile brand expressions; exceed business goals; and streamline the development process. There’s a lot of collaboration. Everything leads up to designing the best possible experience.”

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