Over 40 percent of our business is in the healthcare industry

Combining our healthcare industry expertise with our measurable, human-centered design approach allows us to implement strategies that will truly make an impact on your business.

We streamline processes, remove roadblocks, and make decisions easier.

In our years of experience working with leading industry innovators, we have designed solutions that are embraced by the user, result in measurable success, and drive positive business outcomes by reducing costs, improving processes, and implementing consistent experiences across large organizations.

We address critical industry trends.

Shift to value-based care

As the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care accelerates, healthcare organizations are quickly adjusting their business to better meet patient needs and outcomes. Through research, we are able to provide powerful insight into the experiences of all stakeholders, informing actionable strategies that result in a new, higher-quality standard of patient care.

Consumerization of healthcare

As quality, consistency, ease of use, and value of digital touchpoints across industries continue to improve, so do the expectations of healthcare consumers. Well-designed experiences can be a major differentiator in the marketplace, contributing to retention, loyalty, and value perception.

Brands defined by patient experience

Whether it’s the evolving competitive healthcare landscape, emerging technologies revamping care, or the highly emotional nature of healthcare interactions, it is more important than ever that companies consistently deliver on their brand promise by being responsive and providing optimal experiences at all critical touchpoints: internal and external, online and off.

Case study


We partnered with CityMD to create an online patient experience that reflected the organization’s uniquely personalized brick-and-mortar experience, better informed prospective patients, and reduced unnecessary customer support calls.

Case study

MWI Animal Health

We partnered with MWI Animal Health to increase sales by making improvements to the online buying portal and the internal sales representative tool that would increase efficiencies in the ordering process and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

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