Amanda Gagliardi

Vice President of Design

As Vice President of Design, Amanda leads the experience design group in New York City and provides design oversight to clients. She specializes in solving problems at the intersection between customer experience and process improvement for digital and physical customer touchpoints. She’s particularly passionate about making better experiences for Ogilvy’s clients. She loves working with teams to work through the best way to deliver to their particular client. “If our clients don’t have a good experience with us, why would they trust us to build an experience for their audience?”

Amanda has more than 19 years of design experience working with companies such as American Express, AmerisourceBergen, MetLife, Volkswagen, Fidelity, Pizza Hut, C Spire, Hershey, American Student Assistance, and Merrill Lynch.

Before joining Ogilvy, Amanda worked with multiple agencies, including Huge and CP+B. Prior to her agency years, she worked at Merrill Lynch overseeing product and process development for creative services centers at investment banking offices nationwide.

When not solving problems with her teams or for clients, Amanda likes to garden, plan home improvement projects that she never seems to have time to finish, and problem solve how to have a clutter-free house while living with a toddler.

Don’t just do something because it’s happened before or it’s what’s typically done. Question everything.

— Amanda Gagliardi

Meet our other leaders

Vice President of Experience Design

Kristen Cromer

As Vice President of Experience Design and head of our health and wellness practice, Kristen is responsible for the healthy growth of our business and our teams. She sets the strategic direction of our efforts in the health and wellness sector, bringing industry expertise to our clients to make a positive impact on the lives of patients, to support providers in caring for patients, and to simplify interactions with payers.

Senior Director of Data Strategy

Kristin Youngling

Kristin leads Ogilvy’s data strategy team, a group dedicated to leveraging data throughout the design process to inform decision making and ensure that our solutions deliver measurable business outcomes for clients. She believes that data is critical to the design process and is passionate about bringing the two together to deliver more effective and measurable outcomes. Under Kristin’s leadership, the team empowers clients to use data as a tool for informing, transforming, and modernizing their business strategies.

EVP, Digital Transformation and Partnerships

Mike McFadden

As the Executive Vice President of Digital Transformation and Partnerships, Mike focuses on growth and driving the client experience. He believes in the power of collaboration and is inspired by watching global teams come together to solve complex problems. He is passionate about the human-centered approach that Ogilvy uses with its clients and energized by seeing this philosophy weaved throughout our organization and culture.

Vice President of Finance

Vinny DiPietro

As Vice President of Finance, Vinny oversees Ogilvy’s fiscal operations and leads its finance department. He is passionate about working with Ogilvy’s clients and executive team to drive growth and high-quality work. Vinny is a dedicated leader who has been in the WPP network for 13 years of his professional career. Since joining Ogilvy, he has contributed greatly to the company’s development by building out the finance team and creating new operational processes.

Vice President of Design

Dan Saltzman

As Vice President of Design, Dan leads Ogilvy’s digital transformation efforts and co-manages its design and research teams. He understands the challenges that our clients are facing while also possessing the experience and drive to accompany them down the path of digital transformation. Dan enjoys collaborating with our clients to incorporate the Ogilvy mindset of leading with a measurable, human-centered design approach into how they traditionally work.